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Family Law/Divorce

Our firm has handled a variety of family law and dissolution issues, including divorce, parenting plans, support modifications and custody cases. Given that divorce impacts every aspect of our clients' lives, finances, families and friendship, our attorney’s work closely with each client to understand their unique situation and to find resolutions that protect their long-term interests.


Losing a loved one is emotionally difficult and dealing with the complexities of his or her estate can be draining. There are many legal procedures involved in the organization and distribution of the assets of an estate. We have substantial experience in drafting wills, powers of attorney, living wills, trusts, handling probate questions and other elderly law issues.

Social Security

If you have a work history, but have become disabled to the point where you can no longer support yourself through employment, you may be eligible to receive monthly Social Security disability insurance benefits. To further assist our clients, we can offer assistance in this area and the complicated issues it presents.

Worker’s Compensation

If you were injured at work or you developed a health condition due to the nature of your work or work environment, it is essential to consult an experienced worker’s compensation attorney to protect your rights. Our firm fights for fair and full payment for injured workers.

Personal Injury

Personal injury accidents happen all too often as a result of someone else’s thoughtless or reckless actions. If you have suffered injuries from no fault of your own, obtain experienced legal help. Victims of accidents are eligible to recover benefits for any damages arising from someone else’s careless actions.

Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one is always a very tragic experience. It is even more painful when it is the consequence of someone else’s carelessness or wrongful conduct. Our firm has a wide range of legal knowledge, skill and experience in managing wrongful death cases.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Recovering from any type of injury can take a comprehensive amount of time and medical bills can add up fast. If you have been injured in a vehicle accident in which another driver was liable, it is necessary that you act quickly to protect your legal rights. Our firm will fight aggressively to get you the benefits that you need and deserve.

Product Liability

If you have been injured from what you believe to be an hazardous or threatening product, attain legal representation. Our firm has experience representing injured people and their families in order to get the compensation that an individual may be eligible for.

Insurance Claims

Insurance policies are believed to provide the reimbursement you need for medical bills and other expenses. Unfortunately, it does not always work this way and it is imperative to have qualified legal representation on your side when insurance disputes occur.

Contract Law

A common issue we deal with is breach of contract. If someone has decided not to stand by an agreement, written or oral, we can help you or your business get the best result possible.

Trade Secrets

Trade secret law protects secret methods, formulas or devices that give one an advantage over the competition. Trade secrets can include, but are not limited to manufacturing process or devices, food products, recipes, chemical compounds, customer lists and marketing plans.

Criminal Law

Our experience and trial skills have successfully defended numerous clients and achieved favorable results. We have extensive experience representing individuals charged with felonies, DUIs, traffic offenses and other misdemeanors.